Purpose and Opportunities

Deepen & Develop Leadership & Accountability

Empower management teams and satisfy founder and key stakeholders/owners.

We evaluate, design and implement the use of KPIs (traditional and those specific to social impact and financial and value transition growth).

Dynamic modeling enables us to see gaps that are NOT measured, progress that is assumed by key indicators but really not correlate (first greatest factor in underperformance), outdated measures of effectiveness (second primary factor accountable for slow/low growth or having to compromise mission vs profitability), OR inappropriate goals for the strength or current stage of the company relative to its peers, industry area, or market. Discover what you are really building and how to optimize all of your resources.

We do.

Optimize Revenue Model(s) & Operational Workflow

Align vision, revenue model(s), operations workflow, mission and company ethos and re-work them to achieve a sustainable future and impact profit margins.

Over time these four variables can become disconnected due to market changes, time, outdated revenue model, technology.

We re-align all four factors.

Building a Financial & Social Legacy

All of us are leaving a legacy.

For generations who need to reconnect and restore a family business OR re-define it to connect and resonate with future generations; for mid-career leadership, founders and boards who are inspired and unclear on their company’s path, to young, small and mid size companies with founders or a central mission who are unclear on how to optimize their workflow, retire unnecessary capital partners and process, and restructure their organization so it can passionately re-engage its mission with high profitability.

We use transactional and transformational M&A, Strategic Alliances and public/private partnerships to lighten, broaden and shift a company’s footprint allowing it to achieve high growth and change its market impact.

What impact are you leaving?