About Us

Tree Capital Group is an 18+ year builder of specialty and mission/ethos driven companies.  Founders, Boards, Family Offices and Fund Managers collaborate with us to build and innovate company revenue models, workflow, and pivotal projects when they are repositioning and redefining goals to exceed their industry standards.

Tree Capital is led by Naomi Nakagama Kurata. A former international banker and senior financial executive of a Fortune 150 company, she founded Tree Capital Group 18 years ago to invest and build companies committed to mission-centered success.   With 30+ years of U.S. and global business experience at all levels of venture, executive, corporate & philanthropic leadership, Ms Kurata has built companies, invested in and formed capital for start-ups, privately-held, mid cap, and Fortune 500 companies and entities.

Under her leadership, clients, companies and/or partners have successfully transitioned iconic, regional family businesses into long-lived enterprises; stabilized and repositioned core businesses and management teams under high change environments; achieved sustained outstanding financial performance while meeting ambitious social and environmental operations milestones.

Portfolio Industries

  • Companies and businesses at cross-roads looking to address: generational leadership and culture change issues, stagnating or mature revenue and service models experiencing high growth/change issues and compromised financial performance, achieving long term financial VIABILITY with SOCIAL IMPACT.
  • Medical Real Estate Re-Development & Net Zero Property Management
  • Disruptive technology or projects in Health/Science, Environment, Water & Renewable Energy

Affiliated Companies